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NFL Injury Impact & Roster Visualization


What is pupstatus.com?

I designed Pupstatus to help shed light on the actual impact any given player would have on their respective team, offense or defense, should they miss a game do to unforseen events. When I would hear news like "Creed Humphrey is out for two weeks with a calf strain" I had no idea what that might actually do the team. Using this tool you can estimate the actual impact a player has at their respective position and what kind of dent it will put in the game plan of their team.

How does it work?

Using my rosters and statistical data I can assign a numerical value to the physical impact a player has on their team. (Thank you pro-football-reference for the "av" statistc). I visualize this data by creating the lineup and a pie chart determing HOW MUCH impact a particular player might have on the overal value at that position. If the overal value at a position is high and there is a big chunk of red pie, that means the value at that position has been impacted significantly

Where does the data come from?

I aggregate data from several sites. Namely espn.com for injury data, footballguys.com for rosters and lineups and pro-football-reference.com for player statistics.

How long have you been developing this site?

I've been developing this concept for several years. This is the 2nd iteration of the actual site.

How can we contact you?

Hit me up on twitter! @pupstatus